• Analysis


    We start by analyzing your request with special attention.

    We focus on analyzing and knowing your needs and requirements in order to propose the most suitable solution for your company, while we consider the lowest possible cost without compromising the efficiency of the solution.

  • Research & Development


    Our multidisciplinary teams in the field of innovation and product development always accept our clients’ challenges, collaborating at the highest level to ensure a permanent innovation of our systems and logistics modules. This is done always having in mind the need to maintain costs at a level that is appropriate to current market requirements.

  • Production


    Markets globalization led us to redefine concepts of modern production. Through a solid partnership with our component suppliers and the strong motivation of our production teams, we aim at ensuring our customers the most interesting delivery times on the market.

  • Integration


    In addition to producing logistics modules, our company has a wide experience in the design of advanced logistics systems, which integrate the latest technologies of dynamic weighing, tagging, volumetry, automatic screw driving, automatic riveting, artificial vision, traceability, etc.

  • Electrical Installation


    Using the most advanced CAD programs for an efficient preparation of the entire wiring diagram.

    Using the best materials for a careful construction and operation of the entire electrical installation.

  • Software & Automation


    The use of highly advanced development programs leads to the implementation of robust and efficient solutions, thus allowing the implementation of industrial solutions for optimal performance.

  • Control & Monitoring


    Solutions produced taking into account the simplicity for the end user, allowing interaction with the user, making the process simple and transparent.

    Connection of the various data sources to provide a total interaction between the industrial and the control system.

    Monitoring of all system variables of with the possibility of exporting to the different existing formats.

  • Operational Training


    The high performance of logistic modules provided grows side by side with the knowledge acquired by your operators and maintenance technicians.

    Thus, under our guidance, clients will be provided with operational and maintenance training tailored to the needs of each client.