More than 30 years of experience at the service of SMEs and Large Companies.

  • 1980’s

    Creating a visionary idea to revolutionize the industry in Portugal. Since its inception up to 90 years the company has been adjusting initially starting with a small structure manufacturing small logistics module and a logistics system for the production of ” humus “. The vision of its founder was always create a benchmark in the sector in Portugal and early of the first steps the evolution of the company came to take in Portugal.

  • 1990’s

    In 1990 the company has a presence in the biggest fair of Metal-mechanics in Portugal, thus leading them an innovation path and pioneering.
    Within two years and as a brand highly appreciated by its customers comes first the first automation and control systems in manufactured products.
    Let occupy a factory with 550m2 and increases its production unit to an area of ​​1300m2.
    It is then that gives the first big jump from what is now SIILOG reference brand and its “know-how” in the market.
    In the mid 90s the company strengthens its strategic position in Portugal, strengthening its presence in the south of the country, Lisbon.
    Realizes interesting projects for organizations services and public and private industry in the country.
    It takes the first steps in the Spanish market implementing the first marketing partnerships of its product range.
    It is structured with strategic investments to offset the market needs strengthening its Development and Engineering structure, strengthening its production teams, 24 support and assembly.

  • 2000’s

    With the Portuguese market virtually consolidated and now with the introduction of partnerships in Spain comes the idea of ​​making just the first two years an Iberian project strengthen all its organizational culture with an increasingly demanding market giving it beginning to internationalization. There are new contracts with Portuguese and Spanish companies and is running within three years of great expression of projects for the company, forcing again to new investments. Ceases to occupy an area of ​​1300m2 and passes occupy an area of ​​2200m2 face the need for ongoing works on their premises. Since then with a strategy to get new referrals but now throughout Europe SIILOG held several jobs on the European continent and in 2008 takes on new markets such as North Africa, and Latin America. further strengthened its organizational structure by adjusting to changes and needs of the markets. SIILOG invested in the quality of its after-sales service in recent years that today is called by “SIILOG Service24” and is distinguished by a focused service to its customers, modern, and able to interventions throughout the Iberian peninsula. In the following years there is a strategy to take on new business sectors, adapting to the realities that appeared to be able to solutions up to the global players. The presence at fairs sector World has become a strategy for the company to take up with a sphere that has always been the strong ambition since its inception. Currently the company has increased its facilities and today has an area of ​​4 000m2 against the strategic growth Internationalization.